Corebon is an innovation team dedicated to liberating the potential of composites for mass production as well as mass customization

Corebon is an original technology and market developer of induction heating for composite material and parts manufacture. Our accumulated installed base and experience working across many industrial sectors enables us to provide ongoing support and advice for benefitting from Corebon technology.

Heating has always been a major hold-up to expanding composites production. Corebon overcomes that limit with induction heating to power some of the world’s fastest composites manufacturing processes. And lowers unit and operating costs while freeing new opportunities to innovate and expand.

Corebon’s unique technology greatly reduces cycle times and energy consumption. That makes automated solutions viable even with recyclable thermoplastic composites.

Corebon induction heating applications are near-limitless, and support the general move to electrification and long-term sustainability. Our business focus today is primarily with high composite-use industries such as automotive, aerospace and sports, but it’s expanding all the time.

We’re convinced Corebon is the game-changer composites manufacturing has been waiting for. If you’re ready to explore what’s possible, give us five minutes—chances are, we’ll convince you too.