Re-imagine your possibilities with composites

The aerospace industry relies on the performance, reliability and engineering flexibility of composites. Corebon induction heating takes their production to a whole new level, opening new opportunities to develop and test new parts, start new lines, and increase the speed of your current runs.

Produce more faster with up to 80% less energy

Corebon induction heating gives you better control of the temperature ramp. With Corebon, you decide and apply what areas of the tool get heated, and what areas of your part the heat is applied to, up to 50°C/min. Besides the energy savings, you get faster epoxy systems and higher curing temperatures, shortening cycle times significantly.

Upgrade your capacity to innovate

Corebon induction heating is fast and efficient. And it can be integrated in new tool and installations, or retrofit to existing tools and production equipment–freeing you to run both in and out of autoclave and in presses.

In aerospace, production flexibility and the capacity to innovate create the competitive advantage. Corebon technology is already a proven difference-maker with leaders in the industry—contact us today to see how we can lift your production and possibilities as well.

Application areas for aerospace:

  • In/out of autoclave
  • RTM
  • Compression molding