Manufacture closer to market

Fiber composite products for the sporting goods industry have typically been manufactured far away from the markets they are intended for. Production volumes are often counted in the millions and fast cycle times are key, making labor intensive manufacturing solutions located in low-cost countries the only viable option. Corebon inductive heating technology cuts production times and costs—and makes it possible to set up production anywhere in the world.

Transform your costs and capabilities

Corebon technology enables fast thermal cycling molds with a minimal energy use. That means fewer molds and presses, and reduces the number of parallel lines needed. Being able to use multi cavity tools inside one press, together with fast direct heating, also enables a substantial capacity increase to meet high volume demands. Either way, lower Capex and higher efficiency give you more and better options.


Grow at the speed of demand.

The interest for thermoplastic composites within the sporting goods industry is growing fast. Carbon fiber reinforced nylon is a common material, combining the benefits of performance, cost and cycle time.

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  • Corebon’s unique processing technology makes large volume production easy.
  • Joining of thermoplastic composite parts using induction welding or co-consolidation opens new possibilities.
  • Take advantage of our network of collaboration partners who can help out with automation and material selection.