Aerospace shell tools

Increase rate & capacity. Corebon technology enables increased production rate through fast and uniform heating of tools, such as aerospace cure tooling. 

A special inductor design, adapted to the tool geometry, enables even heating for laminate with varying thickness down to ± 3°C. Direct heating of the tool substantially reduces energy use compared to autoclave heating. The tool is 3D printed, significantly reducing tool manufacturing lead times. This specific tool is built by Baker Industries using additive manufacturing, significantly reducing tool manufacturing lead times.


  • Material suitable to process is thermoset & thermoplastics
  • Industries that can benefit are aerospace and urban air mobility

The supported 3D printed shell tool demonstrator provides the following opportunities:

  • Target temperature 180°C (max 250°C)
  • Flexible heat rate, this tool 5°C/min
  • Fully controllable multi-zone heating
  • Excellent temperature uniformity during ramp-up and dwell
  • No upper size limit for tools
  • Suitable tool materials are steel, invar, and nickel