Induction heated plates and tools

Begin now with Corebon’s range of heated plates, CorePlates. These versatile heating solutions are ideal for prototyping, research and development, as well as low- to high-series production of thermoset and thermoplastic composites. These plates facilitate rapid heating and can be utilized on both sides of any tool. Combined with the CorePower range for plates, experience turn-key production systems with everything from PLC to rapid heating and cooling solutions.

The CorePlate range offers a spectrum of advanced heating solutions tailored for diverse needs in composite manufacturing. From the versatile All-In-One, facilitating the seamless transition from prototyping to production, to the flexible Adapt, which selectively generates heat only where needed for adaptable setups, and the high-volume efficiency of the Tailor, designed for precision in large-scale production. Each product addresses unique requirements, offering a range of heated areas, temperature capabilities, and cooling options to cater to the diverse demands of the composite manufacturing industry.


CorePlate All-In-One

Transition from prototyping to production

All-In-One heated and cooled plate, engineered to integrate into presses for composite manufacturing, ranging from R&D and prototyping to production. Significantly reduced energy consumption and improved performance compared to resistive and oil-heated plates. Elevate your system capacity by placing multiple plates side by side to accommodate larger part geometries and multi-cavity tools.

  • Heated area: 500 x 500 mm (modular)
  • Temperature range: up to 275°C
  • Mold material: Aluminum
  • Modular design: Multiple plates side by side
  • Cooling: water, 120 °C/min
  • Heat rate: Up to 35 °C/min


CorePlate Adapt

Composite production with full flexibility

Unleash the potential of a truly flexible production setup, the adaptive heating technology ensures the heat is only generated where the mold is placed. Custom sizes to fit the dimensions of your press. Experience an even more energy-efficient, high-performing production setup for versatile composite manufacturing. Optimal for production with multiple molds where flexibility is key.

  • Heated area: Custom
  • Temperature range: up to 220°C
  • Mold material: Aluminum
  • Only heats where the mold is placed
  • Cooling: Provided on request
  • Heat rate: Up to 50°C / min



Optimized heating for high volume

Elevate your manufacturing efficiency with a heating solution designed for performance, setting the standard for temperature control and speed. Ideal for high-volume production with aluminum and steel molds. Our tailor-made heating solutions are designed for each geometry, pushing the limits of energy consumption and speed. Experience a robust and efficient solution for your volume production.

  • Heated area: Custom
  • Temperature range: Up to 220 °C
  • Mold material: Steel or aluminum
  • Higher temperature available on request
  • Cooling: Provided on request
  • Heat rate: Up to 100 °C / min