JEC 2023
GFRP Welding

No more glue. Corebon Technology enables extremely fast welding of glass fibre thermoplastic using a thin carbon fibre susceptor layer. With our technology you can eliminate the use of adhesives. This technology is very easy to operate and suitable for automation.

With our unique controllable power supply, process parameters can be optimized for any material combination. The tensile and shear strength of the bond is equal to those of the materials that are bonded.


  • For use with any thermoplastics.
  • Industries that benefit are automotive (EV vehicle, cargo vans), sporting goods, urban air mobility and aerospace.
  • It is particularly suited to manufacturing of cars, vans, and any vehicle assembled with bonding.

The susceptor welding demonstrator provides the following opportunities:

  • Materials, non-conductive fibres with thermoplastics
  • Cycle time 5 seconds
  • Easy to operate

JEC 2023
Heated plates

Get started. Corebon’s heated plates are a flexible heating solution for prototype, R&D and low series production of thermosets and thermoplastics composites. The plates enable rapid heating and cooling and can be applied on both sides of any tool.

Heated plates provides the following opportunities:

  • Standard plates, temperature up to 210°C
  • Higher temperatures available on request
  • Temperature uniformity during dwell below ±5°C
  • Rapid cooling using mix of air and water
  • Flexible and modular heating solution