How Corebon technology works

Corebon induction heating systems are fast and energy-efficient. They can transform the potential for how fiber composite products are manufactured and assembled.

The induction heating system consists of a power unit generating a high-frequency current through the inductors, creating eddy currents to heat up the load, for example, a shell, solid tool, or welding.

Many years of research and development have led to the development of our own power electronics and inductors in-house, making every part of the system tailor-made for the composite industry.

Corebon frequency inverters are built from scratch using state-of-the-art components to obtain high performance in a compact design. The inverter is modular, with each unit capable of delivering 15kW of power in a frequency range from 18kHz to 1.04 MHz. The inverter is easy to integrate due to its 19” form factor and standard Modbus communication protocol.

Corebon inductors are optimized for uniform and controllable heating. The high level of uniformity makes it possible to reduce the mass of the heated tool. By reducing the tool mass, production heating/cooling time and energy consumption are minimized. The result is the fastest and most cost-effective composite production solution technologically possible.