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We have invented the world’s fastest production processes for fiber-reinforced composites, resulting in new higher standards for materials and parts at lower cost.

All fiber composite manufacturing processes depend on heat; we offer superior heating and manufacturing solutions from room temp. to +3000°C.

Our technology is applicable to: Compression Molding, Out of Autoclave, Resin Transfer Molding, Filament Winding, Autoclave Curing, Pultrusion, Induction Welding and Bonding.

Any fiber: PAN, Pitch, Glass etc
Any matrix: Thermoplastics, Thermosets, Ceramics...etc.

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Our unique technology provides outstanding performance (All videos shown in real time)

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Local/uniform/volumetric heating

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Instant In-situ Heating of carbon fiber reinforcements

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Controlled Heating 

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Corebon induction heating systems change the way fiber composite products are manufactured and assembled. With a global certification for electromagnetic compatibility and safety, our systems generate high magnetic flux densities in the target region(s) while minimizing stray magnetic fields, thanks to a novel inductor design.

Corebon’s frequency inverters are developed and built from scratch with state-of-the-art components to obtain high performance in a compact design. The inverter is modular, with each unit can delivering up to 15 kW of power in the frequency range of 16 kHz – 1.04 MHz. Providing high efficiency and unique functionality, this is the heart of Corebon’s induction heating systems.

Corebon offers accessories to its induction heating systems, including multi-pixel pyrometers and thermocouple transmitters. These have been developed to be very robust regarding disturbance immunity, allowing them to work close to the high-frequency field generated by the inductors. Many standard products can also be easily connected and integrated to the frequency inverters.

The frequency inverters are 19-inch rack modules that can be easily assembled in cabinets and controlled from a PLC.

This cabinet, for example, delivers 90 kW of power.

The inductors are generally custom made for each application in the same way as a mould. They are optimized for uniform or controllable heating and built with suitable materials for the application, with or without active cooling, depending on the temperatures to be achieved.

They can be used for static applications — for example, assembled in a press — or for dynamic applications such as induction welding.

The Corebon CAE team is an integral part of the R&D group, supporting product development with simulation and optimization of induction heating, manufacturing equipment and composite components. Corebon uses state-of-the-art software for FEA, CFD and electromagnetics to shorten development time and ensure reliable and robust products.

Thermography is used during testing and verification to ensure the accuracy of the temperature profile and most inductors are fine-tuned during the testing for best results.

Through a great partner network and using our own lab, advanced analyses of the composite materials can be conducted.

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