Power systems for induction heating

Traditional heating technology is holding composite manufacturing back. Corebon technology overcomes those limits with faster precision-targeted induction heating. Our proprietary technology enables rapid and highly accurate temperature changes that result in less energy and shorter cycles, saving the time and money that make expansion into new products or material lines possible.

By combining our various products with a CorePower system, there are no compromises in performance and flexibility. Our dedicated Corebon support team is committed to providing you with the optimal system tailored to your specific needs. We will assist you in integrating seamlessly with your current production equipment, ensuring a smooth transition to our robust heating solutions.


CorePower Range

Systems optimized for each application

Corebon’s CorePower induction heating systems offer modularity and high adaptability. The system is available in a wide range of models, from compact 5 kW units for welding to 540 kW systems for press applications. Each of our product lines has dedicated CorePower models optimized for its specific needs.

The power unit modules are available in desktop variants, providing ease of use and independence, which is particularly beneficial for smaller setups and R&D applications. For larger setups, multiple power modules are stacked together. These systems are easily controlled through user-friendly HMI, streamlining the operation.

Moreover, CorePower systems are versatile and can seamlessly integrate into existing systems, such as presses and autoclaves. This integration allows for direct control by the existing control systems, enhancing overall operational efficiency.


  • System power: from 5 kW up to 540 kW
  • Output Frequency: 18 kHz to 300, 500 or 1000 kHz
  • Advanced data monitoring & logging of process parameters
  • Web interface for management and data export
  • Internet connectivity for support and software updates
  • Automatic PID-tuning of temperature controllers
  • Controllable over standard MODBUS protocol
  • Ability to share power to up to three zones/loads simultaneously from one power module with MultiZone

  • Highly modular system for maximum utilization
  • Share power units between setups
  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Comprehensive remote-control capabilities
  • Extensive I/O for external control


Enhanced equipment utilization

Maximum performance is achieved by matching each power module with the corresponding inductor size.

In scenarios where consecutive heating of multiple tool sizes is required, CorePower systems offer a MultiLoad option. This feature incorporates an accessory that expands the range of inductor sizes, ensuring the utilization of maximum power across diverse tool dimensions.

CorePower systems also offer a DualStation option, allowing automatic switching between two setups within a single system. While one machine is in the heating phase, the other can be readied with material, optimizing equipment utilization.