Induction heating

Optimize your heat’s productivity

Heating has always been a major hold-up to expanding composite production. Corebon overcomes that limit with induction heating to power the world’s fastest composites manufacturing process. This lowers unit and operating costs while freeing new opportunities to innovate and expand. Corebon technology is the advance you need for next-level composites manufacturing.

Max output with less input

Depending on your application, energy savings of 50-80% are common. Besides the obvious money savings and sustainability improvements, the lower expenditure of rapid heating and cooling shortens cycle times by up to 80%- depending on your application.
That means faster production, more output, and higher profits.

The inductors are generally custom made for each application in the same way as a mold. They are optimized for uniform or controllable heating and built with suitable materials for the application, with or without active cooling, depending on the temperatures to be achieved.