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What We Enable

Induction heated tools & equipment

Corebon’s unique and patented induction heating solutions is applicable to all modern and future standard production processes for the fiber composite industry. Manufacturing using resin transfer moulding, compression moulding, and out of autoclave are just a few examples of processes that will greatly benefit from the induction heating technology generating faster throughput and massive energy saving.

Design for manufacturing

We help our customers optimize their fiber reinforced product design and manufacturing by providing engineering support to reach their goals and requirements. Material selection and dimensioning, whether for a tool or product, is not an easy process but Corebon has the know-how and expertise to simplify the route to success.

Stand-Alone Products

Corebon’s high end CFRP-based components with unmatched properties and functionality provides an enormous vide range of application areas. The concept of the components is based on modularity and scalability. The product area includes configurable fixtures for use in production and assembly lines as well as standardized machine element components and structural parts for use as modular building blocks in composite structures.

Affordable, sustainable production

Volume and serial production ranging from proof-of-concept to zero series low-rate initial production to manufacturing of thousands of highly complex RTM, compression moulding or out-of-autoclave parts is something we at Corebon do on a daily basis. Our in-house capabilities in designing parts and tools enables volume production in a fraction of the time that is normally seen and adds value by bringing complex solutions to the market at very competitive and disruptive ratios.

Modular & reconfigurable production lines

Corebon provides turn-key ready production lines optimized for composite manufacturing. The solution is based on Corebon’s novel hardware and includes exible machining & assembly lines, digital manufacturing, industry 4.0 data management and automation.

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