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Co-create and partner with Corebon to secure volume rollout.

One-stop Shop from R&D to Volume Production

In partnering with Corebon for radome development you get:

  • R&D – Early involvement enables short lead times and cost-efficient, tailored properties.
  • Engineering – Corebon's in-house mold design and manufacturing secures high quality, and tight tolerance products.

  • Processing – Unique design of heating elements allows for optimized heating patterns and very fast cycle times.
  • Industrialization – Our production systems provide full traceability of individual products, quality control and on-time delivery.

Key Features of Corebon Fiber-Reinforced Radomes

  • High frequency (6-100 GHz) with low signal attenuation
  • Excellent dimensional tolerance
  • Laminate thickness down to 0.2 mm
  • Short lead time – idea to volume production in 4 months:

    • Idea to prototype in 5 weeks
    • Approved prototype to volume production in 3 months

Factory capacity range, depending on size of radome:

Small: 800 000 to 1 200 000 pcs/year
Large: 300 000 to 800 000 pcs/year

Ongoing/quick expansion to up to 3x.



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