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We are on a journey to revolutionize the way composites are produced.


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We are a deep-tech, fiber-reinforced material process solutions company.

Vision Democratize the use of carbon fiber composite materials and make the entire value chain sustainable. Develop superior manufacturing processing. Create new material standards. Set benchmark quality.

Mission Create vital fiber-reinforced composites solutions for our customers, advancing the limits of what is possible.

For the future Corebon’s technology has allowed us to be a key partner in the rollout of new technologies – including global 5G networks and revolutionary robotics – that will actualize the Factory of the Future for aerospace and automotive OEMs.

We are customer-centric and keep things simple for affordable solutions. We deliver on time and with the right quality. We pursue ground-breaking products and technologies that save resources, reduce carbon emissions and contribute to a truly sustainable society.

Our journey is just beginning!

We are on a journey to revolutionize the way composites are produced. This started in 2003 with inventors on a mission to make better skis with lighter weight, better performance and higher quality.

We soon realized the technology we developed to make better skis could be used to improve all types of composites. Years of further research and development has converged into Corebon technology – a game-changing method of processing that removes the pain from composites production and pushes the boundaries of what's possible.

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Join Corebon, one of Sweden’s fastest-growing companies, on our journey to revolutionize how carbon fiber and composites are produced.

We need extraordinary people that are skilled, motivated and solution-oriented to be part of our mission to provide sustainable solutions that are needed now.