Free composites to play a bigger role in your design

Electrification is transforming automotive manufacturing. But that change comes with new challenges, not least of which is range. And the easiest way to improve range is to lower weight by making as many parts as possible out of composites—previously limited by cost and technology to exclusive applications such as sports cars.

Lighten parts at lower cost

Corebon’s unique induction heating technology is ideal for lightweight part manufacturing. It enables fast joining of thermoplastic composite parts without adding adhesives, and cables, sensors, heaters and deformation zones can be built into the part structure.

The technology supports heating and cooling rates of up to 200°C/min, freeing up equipment faster. You can use almost any matrix material or mold setting technique. And you can access our network of partners to help out with automation and material selection. Simply put, it’s a game changer for cost-effective mid and large volume manufacturing.

Sustainability start to finish

Electrification has sustainability as a driver, and that goes for everything from fuel consumption to manufacturing and recycling. Corebon technology supports your sustainability platform thanks to faster cycle times and dramatically lower energy use. By making it easier and possible to make more parts with composites, you have more possibilities to achieve vehicle performance improvements. And Corebon technology works with modern thermoplastic composite materials that can be remelted and recycled.

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Composite materials not only to lighten the vehicle, but also reduce road noise, improve thermal insulation and often reduce the number of parts required. The benefits are many—if you can take advantage of them.